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AldorPs is about the player, you the player. We thrive on giving you the best experience we can offer with a team of the most professional and most skilled staff. Our goal was to make your RSPS dreams and desires come true. With skills such as dungeoneering and summoning we are unmatched. In addition to this, our unique server offers custom bosses and quests, which creates an entertaining game, with content filled features. In addition to this our unique coded 'battle request' option allows you to face your opponent in matched gear, and settle disputes in a fashionable manner.We stand for the players at AldorPS. Our ethos is to create a fun place for players and friends to play alongside one another, whether that be slaying Nex or grafting through all our content packed skills. I, Seth, personally want to welcome you to AldorPS where all of your desires can be filled.

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