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Saintzscape|| Where Players Become Saints||

Saintzscape|| Where Players Become Saints||

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JOIN HERE NOW@@!!!!!@@||Gambling || Grand Exchange || Duo Slayer || Working soulwars|| Triple-Exp weekend || 15+ Bosses || Minigames || IronMan Mode/hardcore|| 5 Game modes || 50+ Achievements || Custom minigames || Custom items || Custom Npc\'s || Riot Wars || Quests || 20+ online. AND SO MUCH MORE!!Visit our Website: Logo Ikov and SoulSplit developers have taken it upon themselves to create the most complete private server since RuneScapeitself. Join us as we are openid the doors to the public on March 1st, 2016. Server is hosted on a 24/7 LAG FREE/DDOS PROTECTED...

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Date Signed Up 2016-04-06 09:01:15

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