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BoomScape 718 RETURNED - Weekly Updates - Balanced Economy

BoomScape 718 RETURNED - Weekly Updates -...

Dedicated Server 1GBPS Upload Download 10GBPS DDoS Protection - Using the most stable source out there, no other RSPS can match - All Minigames are being added just 2 left until 100 - Always bringing out good updates with upgraded content - All Cash Nulls have been fixed, no need to worry about loosing all your cash its safe - Large Community always growing also Friendly - Double Exp Votes Weekly also Occasionally double drops - Nice Forums Amazing website design - Our Cash Items will not null like other servers, the server will not allow you to go over the limit making you always keep your cash and items without having them nulled Features On BoomScape - 100 Soulwars working like RuneScape - Item Lending working 100 - Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack - Godwars with Killcount Needed to pass to next stage - Flowering Dicing for Hosting Gambling - Pest Control Working Exactly Like RuneScape 100 - Custom Dungeoneering System - Recipe for Disaster - Dominion Tower with Dominion Factor Points Shop. - Duel Arena Working just Like RuneScape - Glacors with Working Minions Double HP Bars - Teleport Hub System Talk to Tree to Teleport Around - All Bosses with good Drop Rates - Server Notified when Users get a good Drop - Squeal Of Fortune Working 100 Like RuneScape Showing Bought, Earned Daily Spins. - Warrior Guild with Defender Drops - Castle Wars working exactly like RuneScape - Nice ways to make money - Much much more come online to find out more - Fight Caves 63 Waves - Fight Kiln 36 Waves - Grand Exchange - Clan Chat System - Dungeoneering - Working Notes Quick Message to All you users BoomScape has been around since July, 2013, we have continued to stay online through the good and bad times of the server, we are now even stronger with our latest update which was updating our entire source to the SiriusX source which most of you users love, and we are always welcoming back old Sirius users and anyone else who wants to come and play, the source we received has been modified a lot to make it 5x better than it was, we have implemented some of our own stuff and have got our coders working on more stuff to be added into BoomScape, our latest upcomming update is Construction which will be Player Owned houses allowing users to invite others to their house, kick players from there house, have a dungeon in there house, have a boxing ring and much much more, BoomScape has currently got one of the best coding teams out there so expect big things from us, that is the reason you should join Thanks for looking at BoomScape, - James

BoomScape 718 RETURNED - Weekly Updates -...
Revision 718
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Date Signed Up 2017-01-22 18:33:39

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BoomScape 718 RETURNED - Weekly Updates -...

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