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Vexious DMM

Vexious DMM

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CENTERIMGhttpvexious.6te.netbinimglogo.pngIMG Hey everyone Our DMM Server has been released We are running the server on a VPS so you shouldnt expect any downtime unless server is being updated Below will be some featuresmedia. SIZE5LINKSSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netWEBSITEURLSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netforumsFORUMSURLSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netdownloadsVexious.jarPLAY DOWNLOAD CLIENTURLSIZE SIZE5FEATURESSIZE LIST 1 Hour Noob Protection In a safe area you will be asked to confirm attack Saftey Deposit Box Working Barrows All skills work Fast EXP Bonus XP on every Saturday for...

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Date Signed Up 2016-10-14 23:29:05

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