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CENTERIMGhttpvexious.6te.netbinimglogo.pngIMG Hey everyone Our DMM Server has been released We are running the server on a VPS so you shouldnt expect any downtime unless server is being updated Below will be some featuresmedia. SIZE5LINKSSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netWEBSITEURLSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netforumsFORUMSURLSIZE SIZE3URLhttpvexious.6te.netdownloadsVexious.jarPLAY DOWNLOAD CLIENTURLSIZE SIZE5FEATURESSIZE LIST 1 Hour Noob Protection In a safe area you will be asked to confirm attack Saftey Deposit Box Working Barrows All skills work Fast EXP Bonus XP on every Saturday for all players Bonus XP on every Sunday for all Donators Great Donation rewards Awesome staff OSRS Website with working forums Great Community Community Events hosted by both staff and players Working Clan Chat Working Skill Menus HISCORES COMING SOON AND MUCH MUCH MORE LIST SIZE5MEDIASIZE IMGhttpsgyazo.com7e0011f5bbd24ed836d9f0a11ed5e295.gifIMG IMGhttpsgyazo.com2219ff1ed47be135a4fcba0527f07704.gifIMG IMGhttpsgyazo.com9871ce6bf5a6dac8e7b955aa3fd87a4a.gifIMG IMGhttpsgyazo.com019b5cb3147010e3e9095dc92a4d3d7f.gifIMG Come enjoy the server and become a Deadman CENTER

Vexious DMM
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