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Lost-Isle OSRSPS  Oldschool Re-Defined

Lost-Isle OSRSPS Oldschool Re-Defined

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23 OSRS Bosses with more to come Anything you want from OSRS you can find here Unique Content that no other servers have Fully coded Puro Puro 20 Fully working skills inluding Hunter and Farming Construction Coming Soon Fun and not too hard quests for Lunars, Ancients, and Dwarf Cannon Miniquests for items like Barrows Gloves Realistic feel you can get nowhere else with choices of different combat rates that are 50x osrs, 75x, 100x, and 150x Stable Economy Dedicated staff members Fully working duel arena Demonic Gorillas Fully Coded Zulrah ...

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Date Signed Up 2015-11-19 17:29:58

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