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Entrana PK - The BEST spawn-pk server

Entrana PK - The BEST spawn-pk server

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Entrana PK is a 24/7 spawn PK server which offers the best PK'ing experience out there with good, structured economy. We at Entrana realize that some people prefer oldschool data and some newschool, that's why we provide numerous of settings, such as Oldschool mode, 525 mode (mid 2008), and 667 (new school). You'll be able to switch between settings like gameframes, new or old hitpoints bar, x10 health and x10 prayer. Entrana gives you the best and quickest hybridding or any other kind of PK'ing. With a quick and simple interface which allows you to create custom PK sets. These PK sets...

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Date Signed Up 2015-04-27 15:18:37

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