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ForeverPkers is a PK'ing (Player Killing) based server. New website! You must go here to play: Features: -Hosted since 2009 and updated weekly -Online 24/7 -No Lag -No Item Dupes -Bank PINs -Always Active PK'ing -Balanced Combat -Wilderness targets -All Items Obtainable In-game -Economy -Slayer (levels increase monster drop rate and your damage!) -Bosses & Custom Bosses that drop the Rarest Items -Minigames & Custom Minigames -Vote Rewards and Instant Donation Rewards -Slayer tasks -Boss tasks -Automatic Vote and Donating rewards. Vote rewards include Coins, a Mystery box, 50% Bonus XP for 1 hour, or 50% Bonus drop rate for 1 hour. -Much more! Check it out at!

ForeverPkers - OldSchool PK'ing Since '09
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