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Axivation 718/745+ | Iron Man | Vorago | Solomans | 24/7 |

Axivation 718/745+ | Iron Man | Vorago | Solomans...

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Axivation is a server that is willing to strive though struggle and reach its highest potential at all times. We have daily updates for the players to enjoy and new content is always being added. Suggestions are always welcome so please don't hesistate to let us know on the forums. We try to offer a wide range of features within Axivation to cater to everyones needs. We not only have bosses and pvp but we aim to satisfy the skillers amongst you aswell and will not stop until everything is perfect! If you want a server that has dedicated staff, hard working developers and a great helpful...

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Date Signed Up 2016-03-20 18:16:48

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