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PK Legacy - Instant PK - Skilling - Preload - Customs -

PK Legacy - Instant PK - Skilling - Preload -...

Client Download: Website: Introducing all new server, PK Legacy. You would never have to worry about downloading the client again, or updating cache, with PKLegacy's custom Client Launcher, you will recive all latest updates! We have a dedicated team to ensure our players the best experience possible to offer. Our staff team is highly professional and mature and has been working for a couple months now putting together the ultimate RSPS for everyone to enjoy. What's different with Styles to go, you can go straight PKing, with spawn kits ready for you in your Achievement tab, or you can go killing bosses or do some slaying, or if you are interested you can start skilling and earn PKP as you do so! We have spent much effort in putting all the small changes into a big server for everyone to enjoy. New updates are made everyday, to improve the experience even more! Our server is still in early stages and there are lot's of content getting added such as more bosses, more items, more pk benefits, more tasks, more commands and summoning! Our staff team are highly professional and does their best to help out and guide players in the right direction, we also have a forum for you all to enjoy so make sure to sign-up on our [URL=""]FORUM: [/URL] for rules and information about updates. Sign up today for the best server out there ! [B]- FEATURES -[/B] - Custom Client Launcher - PK teleports (::easts, ::13s etc..) - PK Rank system. - Custom Items ( Rainbow Partyhat, Primal Claws etc..) - Instant switching. - FunPK - KBD - Wilderness ditch. - Active Developers, daily updates. - Flawless Pking. - -Instant Pking upon login. -24/7 Uptime, with no lag. - Automatic Donator System. - Automatic Voting System. - Sexy spawning System. - All skills ! - Slayer - Spawn Kits - Custom Preload command (::preload) - Lunars-Ancients-Normal spells. - Outfit store - Donator/PKP/Vote stores. - Kit commands (::hybrid, ::dh, ::veng, ::food, - "No Switching" Option in Duel. - 3rd Age armour. - Torva. - Pernix. - Virtus. - Sacred Clay. - Dragon Staff. - Zanik's Crossbow. - Zaryte Bow. - Defender lvl 5 - Webcloak - Flippers - Skeletal Set. - PVP Armour: All corrupt Morrigans, Statius, Zuriel. Etc.. - Primal - Chaotics - Promethium. - Bosses - Custom donator bosses. - Donator Boss ( Riffsplatter, Drops Claws and Primal ) - Donator Zone - Frost Dragons - Ice StrykeWyrm - Bork - Corperal Beast - Nomad(Etc..) - Curses. - Pk Points - Killstreak system - Pk Tickets (::Buytickes - ::Selltickets) - New Updates Are coming in the feature. - Good Price Guide (::forums) [B]Media[/B] [VIDEO][/VIDEO] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [img][/img] [img][/img] -It Doesn’t matter how you’re looking to play, Pk Legacy is waiting for you!

PK Legacy - Instant PK - Skilling - Preload -...
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PK Legacy - Instant PK - Skilling - Preload - Customs -

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