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ReignX 718

ReignX 718

Private Boss Instances Experience goes up to 10 Billion 10B XP Capes Achievements for Amulet of Completion Donator ranks lending system Bank Presets Ironman Mode Weekly Raffle First 718 to have custom-made interfaces Boss Killcounts Boss Slayer Master Boss Pets Master 200M XP Capes Unique Tiers Ttiers that go beyond regular RS Cosmetic Overrides Trivia Zombie Invasion mini-raid every 12 hours Max Hit dummy minigame Loot Beams Dice-to-Gamble Deathtouched-Darts Instakill darts Custom Bosses 1. Fatal Resort Trio 2. Something Trio 3. Copyright Trio 4. Seasinger 5. Death Lotus 6. Maximum Gradum 7. Eradicator 8. Blink 9. Fear 10. Necrolord 11. General Khazard Regular Donator 12. Warped Gulega Extreme Donator 13. Sunfreet Super Donator 14. TzHaar-Jad Eradicator Rank 15. Obsidian Champion Eradicator Rank 16. Wilderness Boss 17. Hairymonkey boss 11 other non-custom bosses Custom items 1. Royal Court lances 2. Ascension Crossbows 3. Lightning Staff 4. Tzhaar Whips 5. Off-hand weaponry Act as defenders 6. 10BXP Capes 7. Wilderness Rings

ReignX 718
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