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Project Mayhem! A new RSPS!

Project Mayhem! A new RSPS!

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Project Mayhem! We are a server that is designed to emulated OSRS. With a economy that is challenging yet rewarding, you fill feel a sense of achievement whenever you PK another player, or recieve a drop from the rare drop table! Project Mayhem Features: -All oldschool Bosses including Wilderness bosses and Zulrah/Corp! -Player Shops -Bounty Hunter -IronMan/HardCore Ironman modes! -FullScreen/Resizeable Client -Automatic Donations -Working Clan Chat -Full Gambling -Pet System -Minigames/Miniquests -Dragon Claws -NPC Drop table -PK/Bounty hunter shop! And so much more!...

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Date Signed Up 2016-02-09 15:58:48

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