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UnderworldX718 DUAL level90's and Dyed level 90 gear

UnderworldX718 DUAL level90's and Dyed level 90...

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UnderworldX is a new 718 We have done quite alot of coding so far but we stil aren't perfect i believe with your support we can change that! Come play now and when you find a bug,glitch or maybye even dupe for sure dont forget to send a message to staff either ingame or on forums 24/7 VPS hosted with DDOS protection Active staff Vorago that drops Seismics Dyed Level 90 armour+weapon(3rd,Barrows,Shadow) Dual Level 90's Donator zone with donator boss KK that drops drygores(working on it almost done)

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Date Signed Up 2015-12-14 15:17:35

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