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—WARRIOR— Warrior is one of a kind. PvM/PvP/Skilling Economy 637 With flawless unique features, Warrior is truly one of the most FUN servers out there! (And let's face it; it's a game. Isn't fun what it's all about?) FEATURES >637/639 (Graphics are from when RS still looked nice!) >Flawless pvm >Tons of bosses (including nex, GWD, working barrows, strykewirms, frost dragons, TDs, crop and much more!) >Obtain a firecape by defeating jad! >Constant improvement updates >100% uptime >0 Lag >No delays >DDOS protected >Friendly and helpful staff (with positions still open!) >Professional management team >Active forums >Community votes for big updates (We stongly believe in power to the players) >Great PvP >Safe and dangerous Pking >Exhilarating gambling/dicing >Crystal key chest >Working minigames (Including Castle Wars and barrows!) >Perfect skilling! (Exp rates are boosted, but not high to the point where skilling is boring) >Dungeoneering >Flawless summoning >Great hunter >Stable, clean economy >Diverse player base (People from all over the world!) >Fun seasonal holiday events >Daily fun game events >Clans >Perfect combat system >Nex gear/rares/much much more! >Highscores >Funny, smart, active, mature player base >Working overloads >Member zone (Donator zone) >Custom shops/cool home >Yell >Fully working music >All emotes working (Including skillcapes) >Auto-Donate >Vote for rewards! >Secure server >HD Graphics (All graphic types work, from fixed to full screen, to minimum to high/custom graphics!) >Custom minigames, Pvm areas, and more! >Free to play >Get membership for extra members-only teleports and abilities! >Quests (Custom quests in development) >Highly positive community feedback >An impressive 20% of the player base is female These alone are just a few examples. There are a plethora of more features and activities, too! Warrior was built by the best, for the best, to be the best.

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