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muliusRSPS is an OSRS Emulation which focuses on giving you, the community, what you want. Our suggestion board is the most favourite section on our forums because you guys make AmuliusRSPS what it is, so we aim to give you the content that you desire. We hope that you come join us but first let's take a look at some of our main and most creditable features accompanied with some media. By now you are probably thinking why you should play on this server. Well, Amulius will offer you some quality gaming experience! We have many creative activities in the server & our developers are awesome and will absolutely deliver awesome updates and joy to the players. I would first like to thank from the bottom of my hearts to all the people supporting this server! which are the players themselves and the amazing people who are able to donate and keep the server alive and running! We appreciate them very much, we wouldn't be here without them, so I would like to thank them very much, from me and the staff team! Features 24/7 Uptime Automatic Systems Client updating system Friendly Community Support Bank Tabs Music & Sounds Slayer and Boss Kill tracker Iron Man Zulrah Corporeal Beast Market (shows recent trades) Professional Forums OSRS Data (Items, Maps, etc) In-Game Security Systems Better punishment systems for player security and safeguard Kraken & Cave Kraken Challenging Drop Tables Fully Functioning Clan Chat System Achievement System Highscores for every gamemode Dedicated development team Hunter Boss Pets Resizable and Fullscreen Client Multiple Settings to change your experience Profile System for the client saving your characters Teamspeak Client Community & Staff hosted events Extremely community orientated Proper mob (NPC) mechanics Smooth and solid gameplay Player protection system Free for all minigame Bounty hunter Player-owned shops

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