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Hi guys, this is a new server that will be receiving lots of updates as times goes by. There is all 25 skills, bosses, all items and much much more ! Come by today for fun and a great laugh ! List of content: Things it has: QBD KBD Kalphite Skills all working Dungeoneeering Custom Polypore Dungeon Full Jadinko Lair Corp Nex Godwars Full Barrows Glacors Bork Dag Kings Jad Warriors Guild Duelling Custom Hararken boss Multi Area Lvl 12 Wildy Pk Mage Bank Fight Pits West Pk East Pk Edgeville Prestige System just gotta readd interface. Tons of pets in-game Working Dungeoneering, Hunter,...

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Date Signed Up 2015-04-27 16:18:20

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