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Hunger Games RSPS

Hunger Games RSPS

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aligncenterIMGhttpi57.tinypic.comvo35s6.pngIMG URLhttpswww.dropbox.comsxxiqthg0wx7krtiCLIENT.jardl0BSIZE4DownloadBSIZEURL URLeco-pkscapes.webs.comBSIZE4WebsiteBSIZEURL sizelargebRuneScape Hunger Games is a minigame server where you obtain weapons and gear from chests on the map to defeat the other playersbsize sizemediumThe original source was coded by peeta back in 2013, but became Pay to Win quickly. This server allows you to obtain every kit through winning games, allowing everyone to play on the same playing field.size videoyoutubehttpsyoutu.beAB0MWrj1-N8video ...

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Date Signed Up 2016-08-23 17:25:37

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