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Brand new server taking beta testers and staff apps now 20bosses 7 minigames gambling prestiging Not pay to win Eco-PvP-PvM, 25 Skills, Prestige, Construction, Player Shops, Massive content, Active community, Fullscreen client, Clan chat and so much more content - All 24 Skills are Trainable - Stats tab teleport - Farming rakingPlantingHarvesting all VegetablesHerbsFlowers in CatherbyFalador. - Tree Farming Falador - Construction you can make more than one Altar also gilded. - training areas - Location System - Random Events system - Trivia - Drygore - Custom Balmug - Double Prayer EXP by using bones on altar in your own house. - Sunfreet and Pest Queen - 2 Quests - Dwarf Cannon 100 - RuneSpan - Undead Nightmare - Bank Tabs - Destabiliser changes whip color - ALL NPCs drop charms - Ganodermic Beasts drop all Flakes and Spores for crafting - ALL clue scrolls working. - Activating Lodestones - talk to the NPC near the Stone. - all other normal features like Godwars, Nex, Fight Caves, Kiln etc etc...

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