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EternalPK 718/742 PVP/ECO *DEDI HOST*

EternalPK 718/742 PVP/ECO *DEDI HOST*

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|| Drygores || Dicing || Flowers || VPS Host || All Bosses || NEED STAFF || Dice || Upgrade || Godsword || Custom Bosses || Dual Wield || EternalPK PVP/Economy Server rnrn*DEDI HOST* (24/7 UPTIME) rn*BETTER THAN VPS* rnSUPPORTS 500+ PLAYERS rnNEED STAFF rnForums: EternalPK Forums rnClient: MUST Download the LATEST Java in order to RUN! Latest Java rnEternalPK Client Download rnWebclient: Coming Soon. rnrnMain Features: SAFE PVP World + Eco Completionist cape w/ 12 requirements Veteran capes (6 month and 1 year) Full Primal Loyalty Points PVP Points Dungeoneering Points Overrides...

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Date Signed Up 2014-05-18 20:16:50

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