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[maandag 3 augustus 2015 06:28] CYBERWARRIOR™ II H4CKER: A new Economy/Pvm Rsps called RealityPs Bosse's we have : *Corp,*Godwars,*Nex,*Avatar Of Destruction,*Chaos Elemental,*Ice/Desert/Jungle Strykewyrm. Minigame : *Barrows,*Fight Caves,*Fight Pits,*Duel Arena,*Pest Control,*Castle Wars,*Weapon Game,*Zombie minigame,*BountyHunter System : Achievements Quests Duo Slayer Prestige system Clue scrolls + Caskets Events Trivia Dicing + Flowergame All Skills working Download The client from or forums -> I hope to see you ingame.

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