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Exoria l Incomparable PvP l Player-based Updates 1 718

Exoria l Incomparable PvP l Player-based Updates...

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Owner updates DAILY. New Economy Combat system perfected FOR PKING. Revitalization of Pre-Eoc PKing perfect switchingtick analysis, 1 Ticks functional, eating perfect. Welcome to the information page for Exoria We are a server that specializes in PKing note we are an entirely ECO based server we work towards having a server with numerous amounts of PKers from every class pure, zerk, multi, dh, risk fighters, nh, rag, brid. Our combat system is literally MADE for PKing The server owner, Hitman, is a great PKer who understands the mechanics of the game, and thus understands...

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Date Signed Up 2016-07-24 14:16:47

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