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Reality Pk - Great Economy, Exp & Drop Rates, Max Cape, Cool Custom RPk Event, MBoxes, Gambling, Achievements & Much More!

Reality Pk - Great Economy, Exp & Drop Rates, Max...

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Join our small, friendly community and experience having your input taken into consideration for future, consistant updates to the server. Leveling combat is easy and fast, the bosses drop rates are really good, and the economy is very stable and fair. Some of that updates from the last couple months include my own gambling system for doubling items or 500k coins at a time. as well as dice dueling and the first two wave sets for boss hunting, and Achievements with rewards. There's even Mystery Boxes - full of cool, unique rewards! Access the Forums, Webclient, and link for the Desktop...

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Date Signed Up 2015-05-08 10:09:11

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