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TizenX  Ultimate Pre-EOC Experience

TizenX Ultimate Pre-EOC Experience

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  Website URL TizenX offers many unique features never before seen in any RSPS. We started as a PvP server, and we have expanded to much bigger things, while still having an active Wildeness with 40 in Edgeville during peak hours. We also have great PvM, many unique bosses coded by the Owner, as well as unique items. Test your might against the almighty TizenX Elite, Sirenic, Khal-zar, Har-Aken, Vorago, and many more The Skilling here is a real accomplishment. Although its still fast to train, its extremely quick like most servers. When you receive all Maxed stats, you will truly feel...

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Date Signed Up 2016-12-01 16:36:19

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