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Necrotic ♛ Why Settle For Worse? ♛ Customs/Dung/Summ/PvP/PvM/Eco

Necrotic ♛ Why Settle For Worse? ♛...

Necrotic is an ambitious and modern take on the traditional RSPS. We are the next big server, in our humble beginning. Server Features 99.9% Uptime, hosted on a dedicated server 100% Iron Man Mode & Hardcore Iron Man Mode (No Banking) Website Hiscores Customized, Unique Home Custom NPCs Balanced Custom Items Yell System Working Drop Announcements 100% Shooting Star + Stardust Exchange Unique Prestige System Loyalty Point System Working Rise of The Six Working Godwars + Nex & Minions Fully Custom Bosses Oldschool Wilderness Bosses Regular Bosses Fully Custom Minigames Zombies Minigame, Revenants 100% Regular Minigames Slayer Log + Drop Log Well of Good Will Veteran Benefits Curses + Standard Prayer 100% Standard Magic 100% Ancients Magic 100% Vengance Over 120 Achievements with Powerful Rewards Working Skillcapes + Emotes Summoning Familiars + Working Effects Working Clan Chats + Lootshare Working Ignore + Friends Lists 100% Price Check A Custom Take on Dungeoneering Max & Completionist Cape Client Features Fixed + Resizeable + Fullscreen modes Working Sound System Push-Notifications for Private-Messages Multiple Gameframes HD + SD Modes Oldschool + Modern Function Keys Oldschool + Modern Health Bars Oldschool + Modern Hitboxes Display Hitpoints Above head Display Usernames Above Head Constitution Toggle Custom Models + NPC Models

Necrotic ♛ Why Settle For Worse? ♛...
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Necrotic ♛ Why Settle For Worse? ♛...

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