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client download:!6dN1jLqb!zE9G92NchhH1WQMVgDh69fGXs8-NKUx9amjQbqEBC1U 25/25 Trainable Skills, On-Spot Duel, Custom Weps, Custom Specs, Player Owned Houses, Player Owned Shops, Full Unlimited Prestige System, 5 Exp Modes and so much More! We are happy to say that Infinite-Era is finaly released. We are a brand new rsps with dedicated developers and have many features other servers don't have. The developers are always open to the players ideas and want to serve the players needs. Infinite-Era Version: 718 / 752 Exp Rate (Regular) : 90x Vps Hosted 24/7 Some of Infinite-Era features Soulwars Castle Wars, Clan Wars pking, Edgville Pking On-Spot Duel Everywhere Minigames 25/25 Skills Trainable Vorago, Leeuni Bosses 100th Prestige System Boss Contractor RealRs Dungeoneering with multiple floors Player Owned Shops Player Owned Houses Multiple Exp modes(Novice,Regular,HardCore,IRONMAN) Custom Titles Custom Tag names Custom Yell colours Amazing donator benifits VORAGO LUCIEN T90S Much much more We hope to meet all of you on the server and the forums. We look forward to growing as a community and getting to know all of you.

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