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NoszScape 718 loading 830 - Rs3 Data! Araxxi! Vorago!

NoszScape 718 loading 830 - Rs3 Data! Araxxi!...

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Today is a very special day for NoszScape, as we will now be loading 830 rs cache. This means that we will now have rs3 items, rs3 NPCS, rs3 animations, rs3 emotes, rs3(ish) graphics. We believe this will revolutionize RSPS once again like we did back with NoszScape 562 loading 604! And bring us a large player base again! Jason and I have been hard at work to make sure things are not too buggy for you all, but we know you will find some so please report them here.

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Date Signed Up 2015-10-28 16:43:03

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