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Website: Download Client Here: Amazing Staff 100% Up-Time No Lag Auto Donation System Stable Economy Grand Exchange All 25 Skills Working Skill Points System Many Great Minigames Godwars Bosses Corporeal Beast Queen Black Dragon Kalphite Queen Tormented Demons Dagannoth Kings Frost Dragons Vorago Glacors King Black Dragon Dominion Tower Fight Kiln Fight Caves Perfect Nex Warrior Guild Barrows/Rise Of The Six Shooting Stars Clue Scrolls All Items have correct bonuses and prices Custom Dungeoneering Bonfires Many Dungeons with all working NPC's and Objects Most NPC's are animated fully Inferno Adze Working Dwarf Multicannon 120 Skillcapes Slayer Rewards Recipe For Disaster Minigame XP Boosting Items Rare Drop Table Different Difficulty Slayer Masters Potion flask making Curly roots woodcutting/Firemaking And lots, lots more!

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