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Website : Donate : Vote : Forum : Content : Wall safe crack minigame Milestones with comp capes with epic requierements Infinite money pouch Sonic Pikachu Squeal of Fortune Achievements Full prestige system with shop ( 100 prestiges ) Double vote/donate event 1mhpboss ( OLD GADORX BOSS ) over 800 customs items obtainable out of 2000 New home and shops! Remade Slayer Dominion Tower Ckey chest with percentage reward Clue scrolls Celestial dragons Shadow Forger ( UNIQUE BOSS ) Boss pets ( 44 pets total , alot custom made ! ) Wildy skilling zone Homerectus Mewtwo Ecto zone Fpzone Ninja Callisto Impossible Boss Golden Key Customzone SinSeer ( UNIQUE BOSS ) Barrelchets Anchor Kalphite Queen Tormented Demons KBD Forgotten Warrior Giant Mole Nex Corporeal Beast GWD Adventure log New impling catcher minigame Events every day!

GadorX - The Pursuit of Perfectionism
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