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Custom Items; Custom made by us! Colored/Custom Bosses; Colored rock crabs (Drop custom h'weens 1/1,500 depending on the rock crab color) Duel Arena; Custom made very professional! Client Map Themes; 8 Different Themes 8 Minigames; Weapon Game, Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Soulwars Etc. Over 15 Bosses; Including Phoenix, Sea Troll Queen, Nex, Revenants, WildyWyrm 15+ Shops 5 Donator Ranks; Premium Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Legendary Donator, Sponsor Bank Tabs; With custom searching option Perfect Switching/Pking 24 Skills all working functionally 100% Summoning 474, 508, 562...

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