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[659] Unorthodox Gaming - Dedi 24/7 - Most advanced 562+ today! x100 hits and more......

[659] Unorthodox Gaming - Dedi 24/7 - Most...

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Regular updates - Custom - Unique - Amazing - Friendly Staff - DDoS Protected - Dedicated Servers -Fully working x100 hits -24/7 uptime -Perfect Combat -Flawless Pking -Fun Quests -Over 20+ Shops -Global Rare Drop Table -Balanced combat triangle -Amazing bosses with custom effects and strategies -A Worldboss with a 1 hour spawn time which gives you change to gain rare loot -Massive selection of fully working bosses such as: Wildywyrm, Nomad, Nex, Dung Bosses, Corp and many many more... -Slayer system with great rewards. -Fully automated vote system -Donation system with instant claims -25...

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Date Signed Up 2015-05-30 05:28:17

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