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WOLF SCAPE Why should you join Heres Why - 25 fully working skills,200m capes, Ironman, hardcore ironman, duel arena, dicing, custom items, custom bosses, active staff, active community, rise of the six, ascensions, tectonic, seismic, loot beams, We have every boss you could wish for VORAGO, NEX, LUCIEN, NOMAD, CORP, BLINK, WORLD-GORGER And many more- We offer TORVA, PERNIX, VIRTUS, VANGUARD, BATTLE-MAGE, Even PRIMAL- Get weapons such as DRYGORES, SEISMICS and CHAOTICS- Enjoy a fully working clan wars, we even have our own custom rewards system- We have every potion variant, from flasks to average pots, from overloads to attack potions- Create and watch your very own, complete clan chat grow- Feel free to try your skill at the terrifying Dominion Tower bosses Good luck- If you do well enough through the Dominion Tower, choose a reward from Dominion gloves, staff, even the crossbow and sword, all fully working- Need some exquisite magic armor Try out the complete Polypore Dungeon - If youre feeling generous and wish to donate, check out the forums to see the many donator features- You can even buy a fully functional Korasi- We have our own custom Dungeoneering experience- Sit back and relax while enjoying Wolfscape through a HD, fullscreen experience- Try your luck agaisnt the other skilled Wolves in the wilderness, Duel Arena or Risk it all in the clan wars red portal- Our staff dedicate themselves to making your Wolfscape experience the best youve ever had- Among our many features we even have a 99.9 uptime- Feeling competitive Verse your friends in getting to 1 via the high scores - Got some extra pocketmoney after all that bossing Why not GAMBLE IT We have fully functional DICING and FLOWERS, weve even dedicated an entire area to it

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