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Dabscape is the best of both worlds with 2 worlds and 2 revisions. The 718 is and Eco, Skill, PvP, and PvM Server that is just what you are looking for if you want a challange. Dabscape's 637 server is alot different, it is a spawn 637 including commands ::Master, ::Setlevel, ::Item and ::Pickup. Both sources are filled with awesome bosses the 637 however have a drop rate you cannot get enough of, the starter on the 637 is too good. We are new so dont let the low activity scare you, well be #1 soon!

Dabscape 718 & 637 2 Worlds 2 Revisions
Last Update 59800 minutes ago
Revision 718
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Added by zylinea
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Date Signed Up 2014-11-05 20:00:38