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Our Forum Our Website Click here to view the original image of 728x90px. Is a new RSPS, owned by 1Day2Die, which is brand new and new features and content are added on a weekly base. Join now to get into the developement of one of the most promising Server you have ever played on. We, the currently small Staffteam, are always happy to get new suggestions and ideas, Inspiration from our players. We want the server to grow a nice and friendly community where you are able to call everybody your friend. Esspecially the Staff LOOKING FOR A DEDICATED STAFFTEAM As mentioned above we currently need some support on our Server, Moderator and Admin spots are currently open and likely to obtain. NO PAY2WIN We do accept donations, yet there are no rewards. We do not want our server to turn into a Pay2Play / Pay2Win / Pay2HaveFun kind of thing. All players should have access to all features and amazing content the Coder Team has added and will be adding in the future A wise man once said "Pictures are worth a thousand words" So see yourself PICTURES We do have customs. Yet we dont want the server to be filled with game destroying items which would take the Scape out of Runescape. Customs are added on players suggestion Economy We do want to engage players to go into PvM and PVP to obtain special items such as Bandos or Nex armor. In a Team they can fight Nex or go the GWD to have a chance of a drop. Those items are not sold in any shop. Some high valued items are obtainable through Pointshops (pkp, Slayer,...) Home, Sweet Home The home location is set to an unique Place, which has prooven to be the perfect place for it. Quick Prayer Fully working quick Prayers (and cureses) Prestige Be rewarded for skilling! The fully custom coded Prestige system allowes you to gain a lot of different types of ingame currency (points + money) and you even get to become a donator! Some Features (i cannot List them all) Curses Quickprayers Perfect PVP Perfect Economy - Not too Hard, Not too Easy All Specs Working Korasis Customs Active Staff and Owner Weekly Updates Friendly Playerbase 24/7 Online 100% Lag Free Growing Community Custom Prestige System No Pay2Win/Pay2Play/Pay2HaveFun Money Pouch Fully Working Clanchat Unique Home Unique Server Our Forum Our Website

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