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2Speced Bringing You Back What You Loved

Thrilling pure oldschool bosses at 2Speced. 2Speced provides you with bosses from Godwars to the almighty King Black Dragon But... Are you able to slay the big Slash Bash too 2Speced has many fun minigames. Castle Wars at its finest along with Fishing Trawler. Get your dharok armour from barrows. Fight your way to the Fighters Torso at Barbarian Assault. Save the void knights from the monster raids. Challenge your friends at the Duel Arena. Defeat players for cash at Bounty Hunter. You will never get bored at 2Speced. All the 474 skills are playable in 2Speced. Reach your way to the top and never get bored. Challenge your friends. With such a wide area as home it is easy to fill the place with stores. 2Speced has some well-though-of stores for the perfect economy. From robes to dragon weapons. 2Speced has a unique travelling system. With one single teleport to Port Sarim where you can travel all around the world. From gnome gliding to sailing. A fun way to unlock different oldschool songs. 2Speced has some fun random events. Imagine this You are mining at shilo village for gems and suddenly you get attacked by a Rock Golem... 2Speced has it

2Speced Bringing You Back What You Loved
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2Speced  Bringing You Back What You Loved

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