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Akuchi RSPS

Akuchi is New and Upcoming semi-custom server focused on an OSRS 317 revision base and source with the aim of providing New, Fun, and Creative Content to its players. Here are some of Akuchi's Features: - Over 25+ bosses to fight. - Daily events and Bonus Exp Weekends! - Donator and AFK zones! - Custom Titles and Achievement Diaries - Full Crystal Cave with Hunnlef Boss. - Active PVP with Wildy slayer, Wildy Events, and a fully working Rev Caves! - Fully Working Chambers of Xeric! - Skilling Island and plenty of ways to grind your 99's - Lots of enjoyable and Challenging...

Akuchi RSPS
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    United States
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    2021-03-14 06:48:23
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