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Archyle; BETA/ECO

Archyle, a great eco server. Bosses, skilling, pvp, pvm. Check it out! Archyle. An economy server where it all comes down the players on creating or looting items to bring them into the game. With bosses dropping the majority of melee and magic armours and range gear needing to be made from hides. Jewelry needing to be created from crafting, there will always be something to be training and working towards. The beta stage has begun, no accounts resets will be done unless anything super major has been abused by everyone. EXP rates by be tweaked around a tiny bit during the next couple of weeks. Beta stage is to find and fix any bugs and to get any sort of suggestions from the players.

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    2015-06-15 09:42:54
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Archyle; BETA/ECO

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