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Ardetus - 474 / full-screen - advanced client - alpha stage

Ardetus! http://ardetus.com/ http://ardetus.com/index.php?pageid=rewards – early member incentive Introduction Hello and welcome to the project thread for Ardetus. Ardetus is an upcoming RS2 server using the 317 client and my own world engine. While it is using the 317 client there have been vast changes to the protocol, engine, file store, and so on. I opted to use the 317 client as it is what I am most familiar with and it allows me to modify it easily without having to relearn everything. The Goal The goal with Ardetus is to have a very player customizable experience on the level of World of Warcraft. With weekly high quality content updates and additions Ardetus should be like no other server out there. A player customizable user interface, with RS quality content, we hopefully will provide player's with an enjoyable RS alternative. The Team The team as it stands is: Songoty Lead Developer Michael Web Developer The Game Client Ardetus's client is based off of Moparisthebest's srcAllDummiesRemoved release. Many outdated parts of it have either been removed completely or redone (Signlink, Music, Sounds, File Store, etc). The client goes from the startup phase to player login in about 2 seconds. It is using at the moment 474 models and what not but that may be subject to change. The Ardetus client allows end players to replace the user interface components by using plugins. These plugins could be written by the player, or by another Player who has uploaded the plugin and released it. At some point a guide will be released on writing these but that will come later down the line. Client Loader Keeping the Ardetus client up to date is a simple task. Simply launch the loader and it will automatically check for archive, file, and client updates, and update them immediately. It will then launch the client for you. Planned content We have a lot of planned content ready to be written into the game server. Included is a small portion of what we plan to have ready in the open-alpha release to the public. Combat melee weapons up to dragon, abyssal whip, barrrows, and more. Combat range weapons up to dragon bows, magic bows & dragon crossbows. Proper special attacks for all weapons, melee and range. Fully functional main spellbook with auto-casting on staffs. Dungeons with valuable boss drops in every major city. Dragon items will only be obtained through defeating bosses in dungeons or trading with other players. Faster recovery of run speed & special ability, prayer also slowly recovers while not using it while holding one of the three god books Home NPCs - Found in the castles of Varrock, Lumbridge & Falador and on the streets of Catherby allowing the player to set their home teleport location to that area Fast travel NPCs - Found in the castles of Varrock, Lumbridge & Falador, connecting the three by fast travel with each other and also with Catherby and Taverly Barrows Recruiter - NPC in Varrock castle to teleport the player to barrows mini-game Media The client is still in heavy development. We continue to post updates on what we do nearly everyday on our website. Every piece of the user interface in this picture is using my component system. Components taking focus http://i.imgur.com/BMYiG5B.gif Client loader http://ardetus.com/devpics/loader1.png Current alpha phase http://i.imgur.com/UG4I47o.png http://i.imgur.com/DfLFFvI.png http://i.imgur.com/thWuyO7.png Latest video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9j-SMk716w We have decided to scrap the fixed client and focus namely on the fullscreen/resizeable client for the alpha & beta releases Questions, comments, concerns Please feel free to post any questions comments or concerns in this thread and I will try to respond to all of them. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ardetus - 474 / full-screen - advanced client - alpha stage

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