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Ateji Scape

Welcome to AtejiScape an rsps that has been around for years. Started in 2009 with a 317 server worked all the way to 400 players+ , Sadly after college starting up again and my busy life AtejiScape had to close its doors. But no less then a year later . AtejiScape rsps is opening again bigger and better then ever before! How about I just show you! [SPOILER=Download Client]Download Client: [url]https://https://dl.dropbox.com/s/c1z8lpkty9n6nyu/AtejiScape.jar?dl=0[/url][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Website]http://ateji.weebly.com/[/SPOILER] Features: Pvm: -Nex -Corp -GWD -Tormented Demons -Evil Chickens -Steel Kiwi Boss -Nomad -DKS -Lucien -Ice titans -Sea Troll Queen -Matey -Barrelchest -Glacors -Jadinkos -Polypores PvP: -Safe pvp -Clan wars (safe/dangerous) -Death Match Arena -Wilderness Pking -DZ pvp Skilling: -Semi low Rates -All skills avaliable -Max cape rewarded when maxed Donatorzone: -Donator skilling zone -Skilling benefits -Donator Only Items Other: -Comp cape -Acc backups -IPLock -Custom quest -Rest area -Charm collector ring -Crystal key chest -Ring of wealth -Custom NPCS -Auto Backup Accounts when: Banned, Update, Logout. -Rare drop messages if you want your loot shown -Personal kill counter -Bank tabs -Server time on Quest tab

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    2015-12-14 15:21:46
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Ateji Scape

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