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Blurred RSPS

We are officially in BETA Launch and have been since February 1, 2024! Official launch is set for March 29, 2024! (ECO WILL BE RESET ONE HOUR PRIOR TO LAUNCH) This server is the choice for you, given the staff are friendly. The owner (me) works hard to bring you the content you want to see and experience. I have taken many suggestions from poll and consensus of the people. Currently we offer many bosses such as Hunleff / Wildy Events / Wildy Bosses (for Voidwaker) / Vote Boss / Nightmare / COX / TOB / Custom Bosses! / TOA (will be Seamless upon launch!) / 4 NEW Bosses & Drop Tables!...

Blurred RSPS
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    2024-01-26 20:06:31
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