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Oldschool Spawn | Spawn Pk | Economy Based | Most Skills & Wilderness Bosses

After a extremely long debate on the future of Oldschool-Spawn, We decided to create a server based around the player vs player scene, Our main focus is to bring some of the main features of OSRS into our server content, replicating most if not all Bosses, Mini-games, Skills (Eventually revamping from current states), Our focus at this stage of development is to focus on having smooth and fully functioning content for our community players. To address some of the most important questions, you can find a summary below: What is the main concept of Oldschool Spawn?? The server is mainly oriented around player killing. You log in, spawn great items and set your stats to the desired levels. When you're ready, you can go and do what you desire to do, Whether it be killing players for more currency of points & coins. Which can be used to purchase items from our spawn interface. Please note that all items on the spawn interface will either be free or cost points to purchase. If an item is above 1,000 points you will be asked to confirm the purchase. You will also have a feature where you can add the desired items straight to your bank. How many points will i receive for one player kill? &/or What would the amount of coins be dropped? We're still maintaining this aspect of the game, There will be a killstreak system where if you're on a killstreak of 10 you will receive more points & double the coins per kill, If you're killed on a killstreak of 10 your opponent will receive your current points rewarded if you were to kill a player but times that by 2. What will the coins be able to purchase? Coins is just the same currency as the points but instead its an item not a point, With the coin currency you'll be able to exchange to points or the coins can be used to purchase items from fellow players for less then the spawn interface currency. How will the coins > points exchange system work? This system will be a unique system where it will calculate the value of coins to the value of points. Lets say you have 1 million coins, Example Only > Exchanging 1 million coins for points will be 250 points. What will donator benefits be on the server? You can either work hard for the points/coins currency, or purchase a nice bunch for real money, We feel that this is fair as the game is oriented around the killing of players rather than hoarding points/coins. Please be aware that this may change at any given time. Thanks for reading and staying patient while we work hard on getting all our content flawless.

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Oldschool Spawn | Spawn Pk | Economy Based | Most Skills & Wilderness Bosses

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