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2007 DeadMan Mode

Created by: Chandler, Stake, Zach http://2007deadman.com -Stay Tuned for Advert Thread- Based off of Runescape DMM, taking exciting twists and amazing updates! In 2007DMM you lose your entire bank upon death. This is a ruthless game mode and not for the weak hearted or quitters. We have made it 25x RS or 5x DMM xp. You can protect 2 combat skills and 3 non-combat skills. You can gain as many keys as you want, but fear the penalty of not being able to loot all the items from the keys! You must have 28 inventory slots open to get the most loot possible. Make sure to not spam the bank key or you will lose all the loot! BE AWARE - YOU CAN ONLY LOOT 28 ITEMS FROM EVERY KEY. YOU HAVE 20 BANK KEYS? YOU CAN ONLY LOOT 28 TOTAL ITEMS FROM ALL 20 BANKS. The catch is you can loot right away, then lose your skull if you are not satisfied with the 28 items you received. Protecting Stats -[ You just go to the skill tab right click the skill and protect the stat(s) of your choice! Safety Deposit Boxes - Safety Deposit Boxes hold up to 10 items that are kept on death! You can upgrade(+3) this amount by becoming a premium member today! Guarded Zones - Green - If you see this on your mini-map, you are safe! Players are still able to attack you, but as soon as a guard hits, they cannot follow you or hit you any longer (unless they use magic). Guards freeze permanently and hit through prayer as well as drain prayer. Guards have a 7 square attack radius. Red - This means you are unsafe, SKULLED, and approaching a safe-zone. As soon as your mini-map starts to change colors. It is suggested to start running the other way. You lose 50% of exp no matter the type of death. Most agility shortcuts are in the game, overtime the rest will be added in!

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2007 DeadMan Mode

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