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DemonScapeV2 BETA

ABOUT DEMONSCAPEV2 DemonScape has been a project of mine for about 8 years now, and I recently restarted to move onto better things V2. We are just starting off so it may take some time to get a decent amount of players, but please come try it out, theres plenty to do, especially if you love PVM. OWNER STAFF I am a pretty chill owner, and I want everyone who plays to have the best experience they can possibly get out of playing DemonScape. If you have any questions or conserns about DemonScape, contact any staff member, or Demon in-game. FEATURES I have been working on a lot of things for people to do solo, such as minigames, achievements, bosses, etc.. and I have come up with a few ideas that Ive never seen before in a server, so please join and test them out, I think you will enjoy them. Many bosses including OldSchool wilderness bosses, Kraken, Smoke Devil, Corporeal beast, and more. Achievements Titles Max cape and completionist cape all skills trainable Iron-man mode A lot of time spent working on minigames and other things. - NPC Challengers at the duel arena Never seen before - Barbarian Assalt Never seen before - Recipe for DisasterFight bosses to unlock gloves - Warriors guild dragon defender FEEDBACK I want you guys to give me feedback on what you like, what you dont like, and things you would like to see in-game. I really enjoy coding, so if you have a good idea I might try and add it into the game for you and other players to experience. BETA TESTERS Everyone who plays in the BETA will be rewarded when DemonScape PLAY NOW Come join us at DemonScapeV2.spruz.comTemporary website

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DemonScapeV2 BETA

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