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OS-War - Quality above quantity - DMM - Normal - Hardcore

Welcome to the OS-war serverstatus page, well welcome you here and explain what this server is and why it is as good as we think it is. We have loads and loads of content for you to enjoy, but not only with casual content that every server has, but also some unique content that everyone will enjoy while they join the server. This being sad, it shouldnt be too hard to begin your journey, since you can literally do anything to complete achievements in our achievement system. After doing the right amount, youll be rewarded with very nice rewards, which will get your cash stuck up quickly. After that, you should have some basic gear that you can use for slayer to slay those monsters that will get you drops very easily. You can also join our hourly event, where you have to kill a specific amount of slayer monsters or gain an specific amount of xp, which will give you very good bonusses.

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