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ElitePK - Revs  Slayer  PvMPvP  Skilling

ElitePK - Revs Slayer PvMPvP Skilling

Introduction Welcome to ElitePKs official advertisement thread ElitePK launched at 15.10.2018 we are a small but friendly community of 10 players We have a 247 working VPN no downtime unless for updates the server got many great features like a fully working slayer system , our own skilling area and wilderness events But thats not everything join urself and find out Features -Wilderness Chest -Tekton Wilderness Event Boss -Tournaments -Slayer -Bounty Shop -Skilling AreaShop -Ornament Kits Shop -Untradeables-Shop Auto-Repair -Resource Area Fishing Anglers -All Wilderness Bosses -Godwars Duengon -Cerberus , Kalphite Queen, Corp , KBD , Zulrah Dagannoths Bosses -Abyss Runecrafting -Slayer Duengons -Barrows -Clan Wars -Duel Arena -Jad -Revenant Cave -Drag Settings -Switch Grading -Achievements And much more Pk Vid Website link Download Link httpswww.dropbox.comszvexdw6d71e... Discord httpsdiscord.ggCHHJeQy

ElitePK - Revs Slayer PvMPvP Skilling
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Date Signed Up 2018-06-28 06:53:21

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ElitePK - Revs  Slayer  PvMPvP  Skilling

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