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Runescape Top 100 List

Encrypted 718 PVM T90 OSRS ITEMS

In Encrypted we offer the best PVM experience anyone can dream of. Over 25 bosses, private instancing, custom items drops, there is enough content for player to grind for months. We have a fully working Clan system with customizable motifs. An unseen feature, customizable Clan Homes and Clan Banks. We have a funPk area where players can select and spawn a preset and fight eachothers. We have Warbands, loot crates, shooting stars and coca bush events. Fully working Pest Control, Tzhaar Games, EyeBall Arena minigames.All working skills, 2 game modes to select from Ironman Regular and 3 different difficulties Easy, Normal, Hard . We have a cosmetics system overrides . All working skills. Skilling outfits grants xp bonuses . We have drugs, custom items that gives different bonuses stats , drop rate . Squeal of Fortune. Custom Interfaces. All Boss Pets. Skilling pets. Boss logs. Item Renting system. Player Owned Shops. Fully customizable Comp and Max cape. Dominion Tower. Clan Wars. All 120 Capes. Auto-Vote, Auto-Donate and Hiscores. Forums. Join us now

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