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Feldip - Begin Your Journey

What Is Feldip Feldip is an OSRS PVM Server that focuses on player enjoyment. We have many bosses, minigames and activities that you can do, as well as exciting PKing and gambling opportunities. We aim to keep our server updated in order to stay above the competition, and as such you can expect regular update threads on our forum. We also love to add content that players suggest, so by all means let us know what you want added We have tons of fun features on Feldip, and below you can find a few of our most favourite features Notable Features 22 Working Skills - Loads of engaging achievements - Duel Arena - Gambling - Ironman Modes - Double EXP Weekend - Wilderness Points - Cerebus - Zulrah - Prestige - Corporal Beast - Max Capes - Fight Pits Fight Caves - Every Major OSRS boss including Skotizo - Raids - Trading post - Barrows - Rooftop Agility - OSRS XP mode - Godwars - Superior Slayer - A fair and dedicated staff team - Active staff and player driven events

Feldip - Begin Your Journey
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Feldip - Begin Your Journey

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