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Firewalk RS OSRS ECO

Introduction Firewalk RS is a new OSRS server, Our focus is to provide the best OSRS experience whether its PvmPKSkilling We update Our server Regularly. Our team is constantly working on improving our server whether by fixing bugs or adding new content. Main Features Complete Raids Achievements Diaries Many minigames Shayzien Assault, Warriors Guild Multiple gamemodes to fit your needs Bounty hunter system for Pkers Every skill works with no process errors All achievements cape Max cape, Completionist cape with requirements World events such as Trivia Loyalty system and awesome rewards Other Features Bounty Hunter Account Security Pin Place a pin needed to use your account, to prevent others from logging into your account Bank Tabs NPC Drop Table Interface Ingame Check what a boss or Monster has a chance to drop Automatic Double EXP Weekends Fully Working Barrows Website Client Download httpfirewalkrs.comserversFirewalkRS.jar Discord httpsdiscord.ggrQMgjHV

Firewalk RS OSRS ECO
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Firewalk RS  OSRS  ECO

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