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Malevolence Reborn

With unique classes such as the pyromancer, archer, and berserker combat is that much more exciting, powerful, and visually appealing. Leveling your class will grant you more bonuses and skills unique to your class. All skills working with a skill cap of 120. There are no exp modes in order to promote a balanced pvm and bossing experience. You will not be able to max in a day, however there are prismatic lamps that grant you bonus exp to assist you in your leveling. All new players will be granted 1 large prismatic lamp. The grand exchange can be used a one stop shop for simple items or a player-player trading system for items that cannot be obtained so easily. This server is NOT pay to win. It is however, pay to look good and pay to accelerate progression lamps, death-touched dart, etc..

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Malevolence Reborn

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