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Runescape Top 100 List


QuattroScape was founded on the 5th of July 2015. We've tried to create an economy server where coins have a value, where skillers can actually make money by supplying the items demanded by PvM-heavy players. This also means that not everything is available by shops, giving lots of items value with profit to always be made if there is a demand. QuattroScape, so far, has been a good learning experience and, best of all, great fun. Achievements play a big part in QuattroScape, with a huge range of accomplishments players can reach for, whether it be collecting the 50+ boss pets, achieving all 120s/200M skills, trimmed completionist, prestige 5, or even maxing an insane XP account, there is always another challenge waiting for you. QuattroScape is powered by our community, polling updates and always open for suggestions on how we can improve. We hope to constantly strive, and the past 15 days have been brilliant. We have now completed over 1030 updates, established a nice and vibrant community as well as upgrading to a dedicated server! Features: Every skill trainable, including FULL construction with house creation, dungeons, floors, combat rings, altars etc. Regular and ultimate ironman modes. XP modes: Easy = 75RS | Medium = 50RS | Hard = 25RS | Insane = 5RS. Daily tasks that scale to your levels with rewards and provide huge variety. Over 300 skilling tasks alone, all handled via one enum. Clan chat system, with customisation, guest chats, logos, etc. Clean Grand Exchange with no search lag, prices changing etc. Squeal of Fortune (awards daily spins, accounts for spin types, etc). 80+ pets obtainable (approximately 50 of which are boss pets). Achievement rewards, such as 120 capes, max cape, completionist and trimmed completionist cape. Challenging and rewarding bosses. Our Vorago has the cleanest combat script around. Tier 90 gear: malevolent, drygores, sirenic, ascensions, tectonic, seismic, ROtS shields, noxious longbow. Dual wielding with CLEAN sheathing (no command - done via appearance data): low level magic wands, Ahrim's, Virtus, dragon, chaotics, ascensions, drygores, seismics. Dragon keepsake keys and cosmetic keepsaking (weapons and shields are disabled automatically in combat, all are disabled in pvp). Gear presets, similar to RS3. Achievement trackers for bosses, clue scrolls and barrows. Charming imp and boss pets system. Trivia system with new questions regularly, maximum five answers per question and point shop with rewards. 95% farming including leprechauns noting supplies etc. Also accompanied by an almost complete lunar spell book (a few spells left to do). Five tier prestige system, with tier 85 ports armours available in fifth prestige shop. Post Eoc gear, including batwing, spider silk, imphide, obsidian, tetsu, sea singer and death lotus. Custom, toggle-able combat animations. Minigames Pest Control Soul Wars Castle Wars Undead Nightmare Duel Arena Dominion Tower Fight Caves Fight Kiln (with melee/ranged/mage kiln capes) Fight Pits Barrows Puro Puro Runespan [COMING SOON]: Fist of Guthix PvM content Vorago (very clean combat, team boss, drops tectonic and seismics) Lucien (very difficult team boss, drops malevolent armour and noxious longbow) Blink (requires 105 dungeoneering, drops primal weapons) God Wars Dungeon (all requirements including Nex access with frozen key) Instanced boss rooms (which support multiple or single player) Wildywyrm that spawns in random locations in the wilderness. King Black Dragon Kalphite Queen Queen Black Dragon Chaos elemental Corporeal Beast Dagannoth Kings Sea Troll Queen Pest Queen Sunfreet Glacors (fully working with glacytes) Custom dragon 120 resource dungeon containing Gold, Adamant, Runite and Crystal dragons regular, co-op and boss slayer with points and shop, task length changing and slayer helm crafting etc. PvM points with rewards that benefit your PvM experience. Dwarf multicannon with cannonball smithing. Nearly all bosses having baby boss pets as drops. Dungeoneering shop rewards nearly all 100% functional Skilling Content Milestones globally announced, 120 capes (with exp requirement), customisable and interactable adventurer's log to display what each player chooses 100% fletching, no dupes or buggy interactions (i.e, cutting one log provides you with 15 bows) Lava flow mine, red sandstone and gem rocks Full crafting (pottery crafting, urns, jewelry, glass blowing / flask making, leather crafting, spinning) Proper construction (all builds creatable, all items / objects interactable (work in progress), house visiting, and distractions and diversions within the players home) Proper herblore (all items processed automatically, overloads able to made in one process, proper potion effects) All skills able to be trained in a diverse range of ways without any duplication or process errors.

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