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ComplexityRSPS OSRS High XP Rates New Server Highscores

Thank you for your interest in Complexity RSPS Are you looking for an OldSchool Runescape server with a friendly community and a growing playerbase If so, youve come to the right place. The community we have on this server is unlike any other, we are very helpful and friendly to one-another. Our dev Zach has and will be working around the clock to bring you want you want in your experience on this server. All suggestions are welcome and taken into consideration and updates are on a regular basis. Our staff are experienced and will guide you through any difficulties you may have, so do not hesistate to ask if you have a problem What makes this server different from the rest We have a unique home and several other unique features that no server has ever seen before in progress All skillcapes have working perks to make your experience that much better after reaching 99 in a skill. Mac now sells different variations of the max cape with working perks for those who have reached 99 in all skills. We have a drop table droprate Item or NPC Name Trading posts have been integrated into bank booths for ease of buying and selling items from and to other players. Ultimate Ironman and regular Ironman modes are available to play as. Slayer is fully functional with some improvements to the interface and more reward selections imghttpscdn.discordapp.comattachments375393240968331274382285770909810700SlayerShop.pngimg Extreme Players Those of you who seek a challenge during your experience may find this mode most appealing to you. This mode has a 3x experience rate and has a functioning ExtremePoints system. Astrid has an Extreme Mode shop at home for players who prefer this mode for great rewards imghttpscdn.discordapp.comattachments375393240968331274382285818473218048ExtremeShop.pngimg Raids Being re-worked into a unique minigame Warriors Guild Pest Control Fight Caves 10, 20, or 63 waves Barrows Clan Wars Mage Arena Duel Arena Bosses Barrelchest Dagannoth Kings King Black Dragon Giant Mole Kalphite Queen Godwars Dungeon 10 kc requirement Corporeal Beast Dagannoth Mother Kraken Zulrah Cerberus Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Abyssal Sire Demonic Gorillas Lizardman Shaman Vetion Callisto Scorpia Venenatis Chaos Elemental Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Wilderness bosses are here You can checkpursuit and telepursuit to hunt them down with your friends httpscdn.discordapp.comattachments375393240968331274382285877076033538Barrage.png Player Owned Islands Thats right, player ownd islands are now here as a new feature to Complexity This is a new release and is still being worked on as there is much to do. Come own your own island and upgrade it to be what you want it to be, for a price, ofcourse. imghttpscdn.discordapp.comattachments375393240968331274382285923599253517PlayerOwnedIslands.pngimg CENTER

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ComplexityRSPS  OSRS  High XP Rates  New Server  Highscores

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