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Kraitonia OSRSRS2 Just Released

- All skills are working even Dungeoneering, Summoning. Construction is soon-to-be released It is being worked on. - Minigames such as Zombies, Nomads Requeim, Barrows, Fight Caves, Fight Pits, Pest Control, Duel Arena, Warriors Guild, Recipe for disaster - Bosses such as Scorpia, Venenatis, Abyssal sire, Cerberus, Scorpia, Skotizo, Nex, Glacors, Phoenix, Bandos Avatar, Thermonuclear smoke devil, King black dragon, FULLY supported GWD, Kalphite queen, Slash Bash, Frost Dragons, Dagannoth kings, Tormented Demons, Chaos elemental, Corporeal beast, Barrelchest, Lizardman shaman and much more - Unique interfaces Settings, Sounds, full screen, HD textures, different gameframes, old and new hits, smilies supported Cursors, Save Input, Absorption, Anti Aliasing and much more - Various reward systems Voting, Loyalty, Prestige, Slayer, Holy Vials, Boss Points, Trivia, Pk Points and so much more - Numerous random events Shooting stars, Evil trees, Random warriors, Trivia and more - Well of goodwill Granting bonus loyalty points and experience - Duo-Slayer Did we forget to mention we support Duo Slayer - Pets All our in-game bosses drop miniature pets of themselves - Achievements We have hundreds of achievemnts for those thrill seekers searching for the most legendary cape the Completionist cape - Misc. Player owned shops, Grand exchange, Clue scrolls, Bank tabs, Party room

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Kraitonia  OSRSRS2  Just Released

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